Workshop scheduled for 2023
Overcoming Grief
How to go from the pain of attachment
to the serenity of acceptance?
Grief is one of the most difficult experiences of our lives. We are rarely prepared for it..
Grief is one of the most difficult experiences of our lives. We are rarely prepared for it, we are overwhelmed with emotions or left in a state of pain when we lose a loved one, a friend, when we receive a serious diagnosis, when we go through a divorce, when we lose our job, or even when we emigrate to another country.
When faced with grief, we often don't know what to do, how to help ourselves or a loved one, how not to get stuck in grieving or be trapped by the hidden pain inside.
Why register for this course?
Simple, accessible to all, interactive, this workshop is a message of hope to find those we have "lost" on another level, where we can no longer "lose"
Revisit the emotional states after a loss to better situate yourself.
Confront your attachments and overcome them.
Free yourself from the blockages that keep you in pain, in order to come to a state of peace.
Discover the mistakes to avoid when dealing with a grieving person.
Explore a spiritual vision of death and the afterlife worlds to help your deceased loved ones concretely.
What makes this course special?
Knowledge and methods
• The use of family constellations and the sharing of experiences allow the integration of theoretical knowledge and finding inner calm.
Spiritual level
• We are open not only to the psychological level, but also to other levels, which characterize human nature: energetic, systemic and spiritual levels.
Human values
• Our methods are based on true human values such as love, friendship, kindness, wisdom and right actions.
"When grief is there, one day lasts as long as three autumns"

from "Nostalgia of the warriors" by Le Thanh Tong
Themes covered
What is grief? The stages of grief?
Everyone suffers differently, in their own way. There is no model for going through grief, it depends on past experiences, personality type, level of attachment. What helps us on this path is to know that grief has stages, and one day we can reach acceptance.
How do you help a grieving person, and how do you help yourself when you are grieving?
We cannot help the other if we don't know how to help ourselves. We must first have the knowledge and perception of all the losses we have not been able to mourn.
When we want to help someone who is facing death, we must be in peace with death ourselves.
Learn to really listen to the other person...
You will find these insights and practices, and more, in this workshop.
The difficult grief
In some cases, after a suicide, or when a child dies, or when a treatment has to be stopped voluntarily, when we were not able to be present at the time of the death, or when conflicts are still unresolved, we can feel guilty and the mourning can be prolonged.
With the help of representational methods, we can free ourselves from the guilt and negative emotions that we have sometimes carried for years.
Destiny, karma, impermanence and the eternal
Our teaching is based on the hypothesis of reincarnation caused by karma.
There is nothing permanent in life, everything changes, transforms and disappears. This is one of the inescapable laws.
But have we ever thought about what is eternal?
By understanding this, we can look differently at fate, karma and realize that everything has a meaning.
Attachment and love. Do we know the difference?
In the West, we are educated in such a way that we consider attachment as love. Often we don't even know we are attached because everything is given back to us every day. And we think it is normal. And when one day we lose something precious, we realize that we are attached. What is love without attachment? This can be learned...
How to help the deceased loved ones?
Sometimes we ask the deceased to help us. Do we ask ourselves the question: what can I do for the good of the deceased? How can I keep in touch with them? In the past, we used to have masses for the deceased, with prayers and remembrance.
Now we even ask the question: Is there anything after death? The ancient spiritual traditions taught that after death, the deceased leaves the material world and enters the spiritual world. It was known how to stay in contact with the deceased, how to help him in the other worlds, where the deceased journeys. These teachings have been handed down to our days. And we learn the essential elements in this seminar.
This course is given by

Dr. Clara Naudi

She is the director of the Thanatosophia Academy.
After having practiced in Morocco with the most destitute patients, then in a psychiatric hospital, she was a family doctor for thirty five years. A graduate in palliative care, she has accompanied many patients until their death at home. In order to bring more relief and healing when possible, she also trained in energy techniques as well as in transgenerational constellation methods, which she teaches in France and in many other countries.
She is the author of several books on the human body, health and emotional hygiene.
She is committed to bringing together modern medical and scientific knowledge with traditional healing and wisdom teachings.
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